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FDIC Insurance Protection

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, commonly called the FDIC, is an independent agency of the US government, established by Congress in 1933 to insure a member institution’s deposit if it should fail. A bank may obtain FDIC insurance, only if it meets and adheres to the FDIC’s high standards, as determined by federal and state regulatory agencies. If a member bank does fail, however, the FDIC stands ready to reimburse depositors, usually within 10 days after the bank closes.

FDIC insurance offers an extra measure of protection for your money. It provides up to $250,000 coverage per individual depositor per institution. Additional protection can be obtained by holding accounts jointly or in trust. FDIC insurance is provided at no cost to you, the depositor. (Premiums are paid by the insured bank, based on its deposit volume.)

You can learn more about us on the FDIC website by using the “Find Your Bank” link at Just type “All America Bank®” in the name field, “Oklahoma” in the state field, and click “Find”.

Over the years, no FDIC-protected money has ever been lost by a depositor. So you can rest easy. Your money is safe — and working hard for you — with us.