It’s better than free! We actually REWARD you for helping us to operate more efficiently.

FREE CheckingUltimate Rewards® Checking is a free personal checking account that offers the highest possible interest rate of 1.50% APY*. No minimum balance is required. Ultimate Rewards® Checking offers the added convenience of an All America Bank® VISA® Debit Card to access ATMs worldwide and for secure debit card purchases. Enjoy all of the great benefits of a Ultimate Rewards® Checking account:

1.50% APY*

•    FREE Online Banking
•    FREE Checking
•    FREE All America Bank® VISA® Debit Card
•    FREE Customer Service
•    FREE Daily Email Notification if Overdrawn
•    FREE ATM Transactions Worldwide**
•    NO Minimum Balance to Maintain Account

The only requirements are:open your account today •    Post and Clear 10 All America Bank® VISA® Debit Card sales transactions***
•    You must receive electronic statements to qualify for Rewards

We REWARD you for helping us operate more efficiently. Once the required number of transactions has posted to your account we will refund your foreign ATM fees in one lump sum at the end of the statement cycle.  We will refund up to $25.00 in foreign ATM fees each monthly statement cycle.  At the same time, you will be paid interest earned by your account.  Interest earnings of 1.50% APY* are calculated on your daily balance of up to $10,000. Amounts over $10,000 will earn .50% APY*.  If requirements are not met you will earn .25% APY*. This is a variable rate account and the interest rate can change. The minimum opening deposit for this account is $50.00. Fees could affect the earnings on this account.

Open Your Account Now! It’s easy! Nothing to sign, fax or mail!

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* APY is Annual Percentage Yield and is accurate as of 11-17-2015

**Refunds of foreign ATM fees will be a maximum of $25.00 each monthly statement cycle.

***No Minimum Balance to Maintain Account. $50.00 minimum to open account. Requirements must be met each monthly statement cycle to receive the rewards. The monthly statement cycle ends on the 20th of every month. If the 20th falls on a Saturday, the cycle will cut off on the 19th (the Friday before) and if the 20th falls on a Sunday, the cycle will cut off on the 21st (the following Monday). There are no rollover transactions. Qualifying VISA® Debit Card sales transactions include each time you use your VISA® Debit Card to make a purchase from a vendor or merchant. These transactions must post and clear your account during the payment cycle. ATM and ACH transactions do not qualify.

Limit of two Ultimate Rewards® Checking Accounts allowed per individual.