Overdraft PrivilegeEver Make A Mistake?

Ever Caught A Little Short?

We Care.

We’ll Even Consider Paying Your Overdrafts.

We are trying to do everything we can to help. We have added convenient Overdraft Privilege service to eligible personal checking accounts. When you make a mistake or write a check for more money than you have in your account, we have a discretionary overdraft service that might be helpful.(Some restrictions apply).


• Fewer charges from retailers for returned checks

• Additional convenience and flexibility in managing your funds

• Less aggravation and embarrassment.

You may request this service at any time. If you “Opt In” when opening a new account, after a 30-day waiting period, the service will be activated if your account meets the bank’s criteria for Overdraft Privilege. If at any time following the 30-day waiting period you choose to “Opt In”, simply log into your account online, click the “Services” button and the “Overdraft Enrollment” drop down option in the menu bar, and fill out and submit the online form. Or call Customer Service and tell them you want the service.

Overdraft Privilege is another good service and another good reason for banking with All America Bank®.

Please refer to the Overdraft Privilege Disclosure and the A-9 Form for more details.

If you have questions, please call Customer Service at 405-376-2265 or 888-210-2028.