Great news! Now you can transfer money between financial institutions online!

Transfer money into or out of your All America Bank® accounts from any other bank, savings and loan, credit union, or brokerage account.  This is just one more way All America Bank® is making it easier for you to take care of your business!

This is a discretionary service provided by All America Bank®. Some restrictions apply.  To become eligible for Bank-to-Bank Transfers, you must have an All America Bank® VISA® Debit Card.  No other action is needed on your part other than maintaining your eligible account in good standing.  And it’s FREE!  There is a $2500 limit per day.  Please contact customer service if you have any questions or concerns.

Bank-to-Bank Transfers is part of the Bill Pay service. So, you must be signed up for Bill Pay, whether or not you plan to use this convenient service, in order to access Bank-to-Bank Transfers.  Once you are signed up for Bill Pay, log in to your checking account and click on the “Click here for Bill Payment” link at the bottom of the page. Then click on “Bank-to-Bank Transfers” and follow the instructions.  Trial deposits will have to be issued and confirmed (even if you confirmed trial deposits to originally fund your new account) to verify your ownership of the transfer account(s) before using the Bank-to-Bank Transfer service. 

Bank-to-Bank Transfers are not compatible with E-Trade.  Bank-to-Bank Transfers being deposited to your account from another financial institution are held for 3 days before they go into your account on the 4th day.

Watch this video to learn how to sign up and start using Bank-to-Bank Transfers.

Bank-to-Bank Transfers