It is often surprising to us that our customers don’t really know who All America Bank® is. Many think we are a subsidiary of some giant bank on the East Coast or a new start-up bank. 
Neither suggestion is true. We are a community bank.

We are, in fact, an Oklahoma tradition with roots dating way back to 1927. Just think about it: 1927, pre-Crash, pre-The Great Depression.

We realize that we tend to be fairly reserved about ownership and about our beginnings. Perhaps that emanates from a Midwest Southern Plains habit of not talking much about where you came from, or who holds the purse strings. It’s not that we’re secretive, it’s simply that we don’t say much about it. For us and for our forebears, it was always a habit of discretion and manners. Of never trying to make oneself too grand.

Whether good or bad, in today’s world of immediate information, things have changed.

T.C. Huckabay in Mountain Park, Oklahoma, 1927

T.C. Huckabay in Mountain Park, Oklahoma, 1927

With this in mind, we present to you a summary of our family banking world, and we will start with our grandfather, T. C. Huckabay, who began our enterprise in 1927 in Mountain Park, Oklahoma.

He was just a kid, even by today’s standards, a young strapping guy of 19. He started his career as the proof operator, teller and janitor.  Through decades of hard work and good luck, he became the owner of two banks eventually known as Bank of the Wichitas® and Southwest State Bank.

Huckabay weathered The Crash, The Great Depression, and the shocking margining crisis of many Oklahoma banks in the mid-80’s.

His banking legacy continues today with these Huckabay bankers:

T. C.’s son, Gary Huckabay, who chartered First Mustang State Bank in 1969, today known as All America Bank®, is the Chairman Emeritus of All America Bank®.  He is an expert lender and a leader in the community.  He served on the Oklahoma State Banking Board for 12 years, the Oklahoma City Traffic Commission for 10 years, was past President of the Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma and a board member of Leadership Oklahoma, to name a few of his community service positions.  Gary has two sons, Todd and Wade, and a daughter Shawn.


From left to right: Shawn Huckabay Braden, Wade Huckabay, Gary Huckabay, Todd Huckabay, Deatra Huckabay

Todd Huckabay, is an expert in banking operations and fiduciary concerns.  He graduated in the top 2% of his class from the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, WI.  He was at the helm of Bank of the Wichitas® since 1988 and now serves as Chief Executive Officer of All America Bank®.  Todd was recently elected by his peers to serve on the board of The Banker’s Bank, an Oklahoma correspondent bank, and serves as a Commissioner for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. He is a past board member of the Oklahoma Bankers Association. Todd has been very active in the United Methodist Youth Camps and is a past board member. He and his wife, Deatra, who is a Senior Vice President, live in Snyder, OK, population 1377.  He understands every community the family banks touch, both large and small.

Wade Huckabay, The Visionary, who understands economics and forecasts, from his perch guides us into every next step with assurance and a firm grip on the future.  Wade is also a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, WI, top 10%.  He is the President of All America Bank®.  Wade is currently serving on the Oklahoma State Banking Board.  He served on the board of The Banker’s Bank® for six years.  Wade is very active in the community, serving as the moderator for Positive Posse, a kind of weekly town hall meeting that meets in Mustang, and on the St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation Board.

And Shawn Huckabay Braden, our Chief Operations Officer.  She is the queen of accurate detail, smooth operations and creating a splendid environment for both employees and customers. We are not particularly surprised that she holds a degree in Petroleum Engineering. She joined All America Bank® in 2008 after working in the oil and gas industry for 25 years. Shawn brings a special skill set of data analysis, problem solving and marketing to the table.

So, up close and personal, this is who we are today: smart, progressive, profitable.

All America Bank® is no shot in the dark. All America Bank® rests comfortably upon decades of success and family tradition.

We are quietly successful.
We are quietly progressive.


“We look forward to a banking relationship with you that is a relaxed and enjoyable experience.”

Gary Huckabay, Chairman Emeritus, All America Bank®